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Front View
Side View
Spline Detail
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The Gallery Rail Paper Towel Holder

A Classy Kitchen Hang-Up

This Towel Holder turns a plain roll of paper towels into an attractive point of interest in any kitchen.'s both easy to build (thanks to the readily available gallery spindles) and quick to sell at craft fairs, festivals and similar events.


We used maple and cherry to build our project, but you can build yours from any wood you like. Walnut or cherry will command a higher price than fir or pine, as an example.

Cut the Top (A) and two Sides (B). Cut one piece 3/4" x 2-1/2" x 15" to make the Rail parts (C & D).

Glue and clamp up (if necessary) the material for your Roll Pins (E). Use your Shopsmith Shaper set-up (with the Cutters of your choice) to shape the two sides and front edge of the Top (A) and both sides of the 2-1/2" x 15" piece mentioned in the above paragraph. Once the edges of this piece are shaped, rip it in half on your Table Saw, making two 1-1/8" wide strips, 15" long. These strips will be used to make the Side Rails (C) and Front Rail (D).

Miter the Rail parts (C & D) to size and cut out the spline grooves where the miters meet. Make the required splines, then glue and assemble the Rail parts together.

Locate and drill the holes in the Sides (B) for the Roll Pins (E) and Bullet Catches [be sure to drill from the backs of the Sides (B)]. Cut and sand the radii on the two Sides (B).

Locate and drill the holes in the Top (A) and assembled Rail for the Gallery Spindles. Drill and counterbore for screws to assemble the Top (A) and Sides (B).

Using your lathe, turn the Roll Pins (E) to your desired shape, then finish sand them while they're still on the lathe.

Glue and screw the Sides (B) to the Top (A) and plug the screw holes. Glue and assemble the Gallery Spindles, Top (A) and Rail assembly (C & D) together.

Finish sand the project and apply the finish of your choice. Install hangers for attaching it to the wall and insert the Bullet Catches from the inside of the 1-3/8" hole, pressing them into place. Friction should hold them securely.

Suggested retail price: $35 to $50 each - depending on wood used and finish


List of Materials

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Front View,
Side View, Spline Detail, Bullet Catch, Pin Layout

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